Baby Monitors - Video, Audio & Movement Monitors (2024)

Baby monitors do more than just transmit muffled cries from one room to another; with today's high quality modern microphones and speakers, every coo is as audible as if your little one was nuzzled in your arms. Some makes and models even go beyond sound, with video capabilities and movement sensors that alert you to your baby's wriggling and squiggling, and let you watch their activity from any room in the home. Those with WiFi connectivity for remote monitoring let even long distance parents keep close watch from afar.

Baby monitors truly do suit the needs of every type of family: whether yours is led by frequent travelers or busy parents at home that need to tend to other duties without losing contact with the nursery. Look for a baby monitor that delivers you crystal clear sound whether you're washing dishes with the water running or tuning into your main unit from a business conference across town, and enjoy the breadth of other features available in today's monitor selection.

Top Features to Consider for Choosing the Best Baby Monitor

1. Video and audio

An audio-only baby monitor is easy to use, and may offer one- or two-way audio. It keeps you tuned in to all the sounds your child makes whether they're awake or asleep, so you know the exact moment your baby starts crying or needs tending to. This gives you the freedom to move around your home while staying available to your little one.

The addition of video lets you keep not only your ears, but your eyes on your baby's activity. These monitors may offer continuous streams or movement sensor recording, and feature a wall-mounted or table top camera for the nursery as well as a receiver with a video screen that lets you keep watch from any room in the home. Most video screens offer high definition resolution, and some have integrated night vision for continuous coverage around the clock.

You can choose a 1 camera baby monitor for one baby or 2 camera baby monitor if you’d like to monitor two children or have your baby monitors set up in your baby’s room and the playroom. A 2 camera baby monitor will let you seamlessly switch between cameras, always keeping an eye on the movements and activity of your busy baby.

2. WiFi connectivity

WiFi monitors let you keep convenient watch on your home nursery via a video app downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. This gives busy parents the ability to stay in touch with little ones from work, or when they're out on the town with a babysitter at home. WiFi monitors use secure channels to transmit videos over wireless networks, and will use push notifications to notify you on your device when there is sound or motion detected in the nursery.

3. Room temperature monitoring

Room temperature monitoring features equip nursery units with a thermostat, and parent units with temperature readings. This enables parents to rest assured that their little ones are comfortable by keeping a constant gauge of how cool the room is getting after a window was opened, or how warm it becomes when the heat kicks on at night.

4. Wire- and hands-free

Wireless and hands-free monitors add mobility and safety to your watch. Hands-free models are designed to be clipped to your belt so you can move from laundry room to kitchen with ease. Wireless monitors suit growing children, keeping dangerous cords out of reach. Those with mounting options are also handy when power outlets are scarce or inaccessible.

5. Intercom and lullabies

Monitors with intercoms enable 2-way communication with your wee one, so not only can you hear their cries and coos, but you can coo right back to soothe them to sleep without ever leaving the comfort of your own bed. Lullaby functionality plays babies calming songs at the touch of a button, giving your little one comfort without too much physical attention that can detract from a restful sleep schedule.

6. Pan, tilt and zoom

Once babies are able to crawl they can become hard to track, moving faster than you ever imagined. Pan and tilt functionality lets you adjust the monitor camera both horizontally and vertically to keep an eye on your baby as they move from one area to another. Zoom features are great when your monitor has the ability to record video or snap screenshots, so you can capture the sweet details of your baby's sleeping face.

Long range

Sometimes you need to run out to the garage to grab something, or you’d like to stand in your front driveway and chat with a neighbor. A long-range baby monitor can keep you close to your baby, even when you’re farther away than the next room. Depending on which long-range baby monitor you choose, you’ll be able to move away 300 meters or more while maintaining crystal clear audio and video.

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Baby Monitors - Video, Audio & Movement Monitors (2024)


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